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How Does Tint & Tighten Work?
How does Tint and Tighten work
Tint and Tighten® uses skin-tightening silicate minerals to create an instant smoothing effect on your skin. This smoothing effect flattens under-eye bags and lifts wrinkles leaving skin looking refreshed and youthful. Naturally derived colorants work to cover and conceal under-eye dark circles, age spots, and pores. With results that last up to 8 hours, we’re confident you’ll love the way you look after your very first use.
How To open tubes

How to open tubes:

A. To open twist cap.

B. To close flip cap

step one

Step 1:

IMPORTANT: Cleanse and dry application area prior to applying Tint & Tighten cream. Perspiration and oils may lesson the effects of the cream.

step two

Step 2:

Lightly dampen your Tint & Tighten sponge applicator with clean water squeezing out any excess. To open tube, twist cap off. Using a pea sized amount, slowly squeeze cream onto application sponge.

Step three

Step 3:

Gently apply a thin, even layer to target areas, being careful to avoid contact with eyes. If you plan to use foundation makeup as well, extend your Tint & Tighten application beyond your target area (approximately 1/8 inch) for a seamless blend.

step four

Step 4:

Do not talk or make facial expressions for 10 minutes allowing cream to set and dry. To close tub, flip the cap upside down and re-attach to tube.

step five

Step 5:

Continue with your normal makeup routine. Rinse your sponge applicator with clean water removing any cream and allow to dry for your next use.

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